Hardwood Flooring Terms to Know in Everson

hardwood flooring termsAre you contemplating a new floor installation for your residence? If you’ve wanted new flooring installed, why not get started today? Selecting the ideal flooring type, though, can be tricky, particularly if you’ve never consulted with a professional flooring contractor before. For a smoother process, we suggest familiarizing yourself with some hardwood flooring terms. This will simplify the initial phase of your home renovation.

Solid Hardwood

Solid hardwood is what comes to mind for many homeowners when hardwood flooring is brought up. There are various forms of hardwood, such as fir, oak, pine, birch, and maple. Each style has its own characteristics, so be sure to discuss this with your hardwood flooring specialist.

Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood varies quite a bit from solid hardwood. While it’s composed of genuine wood, engineered panels consist of multiple layers. Though it may not fully have that desirable aesthetic natural appearance, the multiple layers reduce the risk of the panels absorbing moisture and warping over time.


Not all hardwood floors are fastened to the subfloor underneath. Instead, floating hardwood planks are snapped in place and glued at the joints. One advantage of this is that it makes repairs simpler and more expedient.


Various wood styles have differing qualities. Hardness is one of these qualities. Hardness refers to the material’s ability to resist physical pressure and denting. Consult with your installer on the hardness rating of each flooring type.

Remember These Hardwood Flooring Terms in Everson

With these flooring terms in mind, you should have a more comprehensive idea of your options. If you’re ready, contact Ken’s Custom Floors to schedule an initial consultation and find out which hardwood flooring style is best for your home interior and personal preference. Put the procrastination aside and call (360) 775-2134 for a no-cost in-home estimate.

Hardwood Flooring Terms in Everson

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