Protect Your Investment With Expert Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips for Blaine Homes

hardwood floor cleaning blaineHardwood has a great reputation for being attractive and durable, so it’s natural to see it used in flooring. But to keep their strength and beauty, hardwood floors need to be properly cared for. Learn the most important hardwood floor cleaning tips to keep yours in good shape for years to come.

Sweep Daily

Tiny grains of dirt and dust leave behind miniscule scratches on your wood floors. They can build up over time and leave the finish dull. Sweeping your floors with a soft broom every day clears away this damaging grit.

Avoid Too Much Water

Water isn’t good for wood, even if your floors have been sealed. Take care not to soak your floors when mopping; a damp mop is best. 

Use Gentle Cleaning Solutions

Hardwood doesn’t need aggressive cleaning solutions. Gentle soaps that are heavily diluted with water are best. Your local floor care professional can offer suggestions that are perfectly matched with the hardwood and varnish types in your home.

Skip the Abrasive Scrubbing

Stiff bristles, melamine foam and other scrubbing tools can damage your floors. If you need to tackle a sticky spot or other problem area, use a dampened soft cloth and gently rub the area clean.

Want More Hardwood Floor Cleaning Help in Blaine?

If you’d like to bring your home’s hardwood flooring back to its natural beauty, Ken’s Custom Floors can help. We’re a long-time hardwood floor specialist with extensive experience in hardwood floor installation, repair and refinishing for residential and commercial customers. Our team delivers outstanding results and the kind of quality workmanship that lasts for generations. Plus, we’ll make sure you have all the flooring tips you need to make hardwood floors in your home a joy. Contact us today for hardwood floor cleaning help and so much more!

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