Planning For Hardwood Floors Near Sudden Valley

planning for hardwood floorsPlanning for hardwood floors is an exciting home renovation endeavor. However, there are some questions you should ask yourself before committing to any flooring installation projects. We suggest asking yourself the following questions to give yourself a better idea of what’s best for your home in the long term.

Solid or Engineered Wood?

Solid hardwood panels are constructed from single-layer boards cut from various hardwood types. Engineered hardwood floors, by contrast, are made from multi-layer panels. Both solid and engineered wood consist of genuine wood, though engineered panels contain some artificial material as well. Solid wood, therefore, has a more natural appeal, though engineered wood provides better resistance to water damage.

What Type of Wood Do You Like?

There are no shortages of wood types to select from, each with its own unique grain texture. Popular options include maple, cherry, pine, and birch. Consult with a hardwood flooring specialist to determine which style is best for your home, what’s trending at the moment, and their respective price points.

Is Factory-finished Wood Flooring Better?

All hardwood floors will need some sort of finish. You can buy pre-finished panels or acquire unfinished boards. The former option is far more common and is ready for installation right out of the box. With unfinished boards, customization options are available regarding stain and finish styles.

Planning for Hardwood Floors Near Sudden Valley?

With these questions in mind, take the next step and contact Ken’s Custom Floors today. Apart from new floor installations, we also provide repairs and refinishing of existing home floors. Our professional floor installers will be more than happy to provide industry advice to make planning for hardwood floors a more hassle-free endeavor.

We Help with the Planning for Hardwood Floors Near Sudden Valley

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