Benefits of Pergo Laminate Flooring in Blaine

Pergo laminate flooringAre your floors in dire need of a makeover? Whether you’re replacing the floors in just a single room or the whole home interior, it’s integral to think of the various flooring options on the market. Many homeowners believe hardwood is the gold standard, but hardwood isn’t optimal for every residence. Be certain you choose the most compatible material for your floor installation project by doing research beforehand. Don’t just jump to the conclusion that hardwood is the best option. A style like Pergo laminate flooring may be more suitable. Always discuss your preferences with your flooring contractor, but here are some advantages this flooring type provides.

Great Durability

Pergo laminate flooring is known for its exceptional durability. It’s made from high-density fiber wood chippings and hard particles. This makes it beneficial in high-traffic areas like the living room.


You should never allow water to pool on the surface for prolonged periods. With that in mind, though, Pergo laminate floorboards are less porous than other floor types, giving them high water-resistant properties. This makes the floor a great choice for rooms like the kitchen and bathroom.

Quite Affordable

Pergo laminate flooring on average is less expensive than other floor types, especially styles like genuine wood. Installation is also easier, which drives down the cost of labor.

Minimal Maintenance

A big disadvantage of hardwood floors is the regular maintenance that includes periodic staining and refinishing. Maintenance for Pergo laminate flooring is much less of a hassle. Maintenance doesn’t go beyond the typical sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming.

Discuss Installing Pergo Laminate Flooring with a Blaine Contractor

If you believe Pergo flooring may be a good choice, then discuss the next steps with a contractor. Contact Ken’s Custom Floors for a consultation and learn how this flooring style may be beneficial for your home type and personal preference. Begin by calling us at (360) 775-2134 for a no-cost estimate. Take the first steps to a beautifully renovated floor.

Pergo Laminate Flooring Installation in Blaine

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