Bad Cleaning Habits for Hardwood Flooring in Bellingham

hardwood floor cleaningDo you have hardwood flooring in your home in Bellingham, Washington? If so, you may already know that hardwood requires special cleaning materials and practices. While your hardwood flooring specialist probably provided maintenance instructions during your hardwood flooring installation, it’s important to ensure that you avoid certain problems associated with common hardwood floor cleaning mistakes. Keep the following bad habits in mind as you clean your hardwood flooring in Bellingham.

Using Oils, Waxes, and Furniture Sprays

You should avoid using oils, waxes, and furniture sprays on your hardwood flooring. Oils leave a residue that is unappealing, while furniture spray results in an overly slippery surface. Wax may look nice, but it is difficult to work with and applying additional coats in the future is problematic. Continue Reading →

When to Install Hardwood Flooring in Anacortes

Do you want hardwood floors in your home in Anacortes, Washington? Moisture and fluctuating temperatures can have a significant effect on wood. Always check with your hardwood flooring specialist to ensure that the timing and weather is right. Call the experts at Ken’s Custom Floors for professional assistance today!Do you want hardwood flooring in your home in Anacortes, Washington? While you can certainly install new flooring at any time throughout the year, some seasons may be better than others when it comes to hardwood. Moisture and fluctuating temperatures can have a significant effect on wood. Always check with your hardwood flooring specialist to ensure that the timing and weather is right before installing hardwood floors in Anacortes.

Spring and Summer

Spring and summer are popular seasons for home renovation projects. They are not, however, the optimal times of year to install hardwood flooring. While the project is doable, the moisture in the air can cause problems down the road. If humidity is high, your floors may become vulnerable to distortion later.


If hot weather isn’t ideal, then maybe cold weather is? Actually, winter poses some problems for hardwood floors as well. Not only are winter months less humid; they are dry! Cupping can occur if the floor had moisture that dried too quickly during the winter. Continue Reading →

Which Wall Paint Colors Are Best for Dark Hardwood Floors in Sudden Valley

wall colors, paint colors, dark hardwood wall colorsDo you want to install new hardwood floors in your home in Sudden Valley, Washington? If you prefer dark hardwood, it’s important to find a complementary color for your walls. With so many different options to choose from, it can be difficult to know which will suit your space the best. While a hardwood flooring specialist can provide some feedback, the decision ultimately rests with you and your family. Consider the following wall paint colors if you’re planning to install dark hardwood floors in Sudden Valley.


Gray walls are often paired with dark hardwood floors, but homeowners sometimes have trouble finding the perfect shade. This is because there are so many options to choose from. It’s best not to fret about your decision too much, however, as you can hardly go wrong.

Light Blue

Light blue is a wall paint color that pairs very well with dark hardwood floors. This color combination creates a very cool and soothing aesthetic. The contrast between blue walls and dark floors is very appealing. For this reason, many homeowners like to choose blue tones that are light and subtle.


White walls are yet another good match for dark hardwood floors. Pure white walls pair beautifully with dark, dark hardwood flooring installations. The contrast creates a mood that is both sophisticated and modern. Continue Reading →

Why You Should Always Install Hardwood Flooring Before Painting in Lummi Island

hardwood flooring, paint wallsAre you renovating one or more rooms in your Lummi Island, Washington, home? If so, you may be wondering whether to install your hardwood flooring before or after painting the walls. While either process is acceptable, most hardwood flooring specialists recommend painting after your floors have been installed. There are numerous reasons for this. Consider the following before scheduling hardwood flooring installation and painting services in Lummi Island.

Fewer Flooring Color Options

There are far fewer hardwood flooring colors than there are paint colors to choose from. If you decide on a paint color before installing your floors, it’s possible they will clash. It’s significantly easier to pick a complementary paint color than it is to find flooring to match your walls.

Paint May Be Damaged During Installation

Another major reason to consider painting before installing your hardwood flooring is the potential for wall damage. While installers will obviously try to be careful, accidents do happen, especially while moving board pieces around. Painting after installation ensures that you won’t have to redo work unnecessarily. Continue Reading →

Choosing Wall Colors to Match Dark Hardwood Floors in Everson

dark hardwood flooringDo you want or expect to install dark-colored hardwood flooring in your Everson, Washington, home? If so, you may be wondering which color or colors to pick for your walls. Dark hardwood flooring is becoming increasingly popular and is ideal for homeowners with large, open concept rooms. This is because dark floors tend to make spaces appear smaller and cozier. Happily, there are several great colors that complement this floor type. Keep these painting tips in mind as you consider your wall color options. You can also ask your hardwood flooring specialist for color recommendations in Everson.

Draw from Stain Undertones

Of course you will want your walls to complement your new hardwood flooring. You can accomplish this by drawing inspiration from the undertones in the stain you choose to finish your floors. There should be a nice tone to pull from. If, however, your stain is black, or nearly black, you have a little more creative freedom. Black flooring is very elegant and modern. Continue Reading →

Ask These Questions When Picking Hardwood Flooring Color in Lynden

hardwood flooring colorAre you planning to install hardwood flooring in Lynden, Washington, home? With so many different wood and stain colors to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one will suit your home and personal style best. To make the decision a little easier, ask yourself these important questions before contacting a hardwood flooring specialist in Lynden.

What are you drawn to?

When it comes to picking hardwood flooring, pay attention to the wood colors and stains you’re most drawn to. You should, after all, really enjoy the way your new floors look. If you really like a particular shade, add it to your list for further consideration.

What is the style of your current décor?

Another important consideration is your current décor. While it’s easy enough to change things, it may not be worth the expense or time you’ll need to dedicate to the process. In some cases, it may be better to opt for a wood or stain color that will match your current belongings for your hardwood flooring installation. Continue Reading →

2018 Hardwood Flooring Color Trends in Ferndale

hardwood flooring color, hardwood flooring stainAre you thinking about installing hardwood flooring in your home in Ferndale, Washington? Picking the right color wood stain for your house and lifestyle is important. To help make the decision easier, consider these popular hardwood flooring color trends for 2018, and then contact a hardwood flooring specialist in Ferndale for professional assistance.

Dark, Cool Tones Are In!

Darker colored hardwood flooring that lacks the warmer, red undertone is becoming more and more popular among homeowners. Some individuals are even incorporating a little gray for added coolness. True black stains are also in, however, and create a very modern aesthetic.

Natural Light Still Has a Place

On the opposite end of things, light-colored flooring is still popular. In fact, it’s the second most popular choice among homeowners for new hardwood flooring installation. Even those who prefer this natural look, however, are going “cooler” by selecting stains that tone down the yellow tints. Continue Reading →

Choosing Wall Colors to Match Cherry Hardwood Floors in Blaine

hardwood floor wall colorsDo you want, or currently have, cherry hardwood floors in your home in Blaine, Washington? If so, you may be wondering which colors to select for your walls. There are actually several workable options. Keep these tips in mind as you consider your color options and then contact a hardwood flooring specialist for professional flooring assistance.

Stick with Classic White

When it comes to matching cherry hardwood floors, you can’t go wrong with classic white. This color selection will contrast your floors perfectly, creating a beautifully balanced aesthetic for your room.

Go Green!

If white isn’t your style, green is a great alternative. When paired with cherry hardwood floors, this color combination can be breathtaking. Consider sage or an olive, because these natural tones complement cherry very well. Continue Reading →

Benefits of Citrus Cleaners for Your Hardwood Floors in Blaine

hardwood citrus cleanersIf your home in Blaine, Washington, has beautiful hardwood floors, make sure you take proper care of them. Using harsh chemical cleaners can damage your hardwood floors, causing the need for professional hardwood floor refinishing or replacement. Keep these benefits of using citrus based cleaners in mind when preparing for hardwood floor maintenance in Blaine.

Natural Ingredients

If you have pets or children, harsh chemicals should be avoided whenever possible. Citrus cleaners are made using natural elements, such as lemons, oranges, limes, and grapefruits. They’re safer for use around your home and on your hardwood floors. Citrus cleaners also produce a wonderful, fresh scent.

Grease Cutting Power

Citrus is widely known for its grease cutting ability. Grease and other difficult to clean substances are no match for citrus cleaners. Not only will they clean sticky debris off your hardwood floors, they’re also known to have sanitizing properties that can kill harmful bacteria and pathogens. Continue Reading →

Common Hardwood Flooring Repairs in Bellingham

hardwood flooring repairDo you need hardwood flooring repair in Bellingham, Washington? Hardwood floors are susceptible to a number of different kinds of damage. Each requires the attention of a professional flooring specialist and should, under no circumstance, be left unattended. Ignoring damage to your hardwood floors for too long can result in the need for a new hardwood flooring installation. Look for these common issues and call for hardwood flooring repair in Bellingham right away if they develop.

Slits or Cracks

Small splits and cracks naturally develop over time. Fortunately, hardwood flooring repair for this type of damage is relatively simple. Your hardwood flooring specialist should be able to use nails and wood putty to solve the problem. In some cases, hardwood floor refinishing may also be necessary. Continue Reading →