Avoid These Hardwood Floor Cleaning Mistakes and Keep Your Blaine Floors Beautiful

hardwood flooring cleaning blaineUsing the right hardwood flooring cleaning methods is essential for maintaining the beauty and longevity of your floors. Improper cleaning techniques can lead to damage and premature wear. Understanding the risks will help you make the right choices in cleaning methods and products to preserve your floors.

Excess Water or Steam

Hardwood floor boards are quite sensitive to excess moisture of any kind. Using a lot of water or steam during cleaning can cause the wood to swell or warp over time. Steam’s high heat adds an extra layer of risk to your floors, as the temperatures can affect the flooring’s finish.

Strong Chemical Cleaners

Chemical cleaners are often very hard on floors, stripping away the finish and damaging the wood fibers. As a result, you may see your floors becoming discolored or weakening over time with regular use.

Scrubbing Floors with Abrasive Tools

The image of scrubbing floors with a scrub brush and bucket is so common, but that habit is one of the quickest ways to damage your hardwood floors. Stiff brushes, scouring pads and other abrasive cleaning tools will scratch the finish and the wood beneath it, leaving floors dull, damaged and vulnerable to further deterioration.

Here Are the Right Cleaning Methods for Hardwood Floors

Regular dusting and sweeping help prevent dirt and debris from scratching the surface while also making mopping easier and less damaging. Use a damp mop with a pH-neutral cleaner designed for hardwood floors.

Need to Fix Hardwood Floor Cleaning Problems in Blaine?

If your home or business is showing signs of poor hardwood floor cleaning, Ken’s Custom Floors can help. Whether you’re seeing scratches and warping or worn-away varnish, our repair and refinishing services can make your floors like new. Our well-established reputation for outstanding service and quality workmanship has been built on years of hardwood floor installation for residential and commercial customers, and we always provide the flooring tips you need to keep your floors looking fantastic. Contact us today!

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