Wood Flooring Is a Beautiful Choice for Most Rooms

Ken's Custom FloorsDo you have wall-to-wall carpeting and are contemplating changing to a hardwood floor? Keep in mind, though, that wood flooring may not be appropriate for certain rooms. These rooms may be too humid or just get too much traffic, leading to eventual spot repairs and even some plank replacement.

In the Whatcom County area, we have our fair share of rainfall. Some people consider only the looks when choosing new flooring and even want hardwood in the vestibule or an enclosed porch. The dampness of year-round weather, however, may make it better to have a laminate flooring product in these kinds of areas.

Laminate vs. Wood Flooring

Laminate planks are made primarily of fiberboard and heated resin with the texture of wood grain embedded on the surface to mimic wood. In a large area, you can see repetitions of these patterns over and over. A smaller room like a vestibule will afford minimal chance to notice this. Hardwood planks and engineered hardwood both keep the natural wood grain and texture, so they will look better in those larger rooms.

Laminate flooring offers better protection in humid areas of the home like the above-mentioned vestibule and porch. Being an unnatural product, it better withstands moisture in the atmosphere. Solid wood floors breathe and change in size slightly when a great amount of moisture or temperature variation is present, leading to the necessity for floor refinishing or repair.

Engineered wood floors are affected by humidity to a lesser degree but are still not a great choice for rooms like the kitchen or bathroom. The high traffic in these rooms may also influence what type of flooring you choose. Laminates may not last as long as wood and engineered wood but are more resistant to stains, fading, and heavy foot traffic.

The Best Flooring Is Up to You

Are you undecided about what all these choices mean to your home remodeling job? Talking to a floor installation pro is your best bet for making an informed choice for each room in the house. At Ken’s Custom Floors we are experts in all types of hardwood flooring. We have 20 plus years of experience in installing and refinishing wood flooring in Bellingham and Whatcom County. Let us help you select the best floor for your home; call us today at 360-775-2134.

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