Never Wet Mop Your Wood Flooring – Here’s Why

Ken's Custom FloorsHardwood floor maintenance doesn’t require a lot of time. You do, however, want to be careful to fully protect your investment. The number one rule is to make sure you always use a wood floor cleaning product when it’s time to clean. Contrary to belief, other cleaning products for surfaces like tile and vinyl will not get the job done and may even damage the floor. Cleaning the floor regularly is actually quite easy. Learn the proper way of wood floor mopping to keep the surface spotless.

Wood Floor Mopping and Important Suggestions

Don’t mop a wood floor when the surface is wet. If there’s a spill, immediately wipe it up with a lightly moist cloth. You won’t want a full wet cleaning because it may dull the finish and leave a wet residue that could affect the color of the wood.

When you wax the floor, be careful not to have excess wax gather up under furniture and other infrequently used areas. Be careful about how much wax you use. Sometimes, a buffing is all you need when the floor starts to appear dull.

Speaking of furniture, place protectors under all legs. It’s important to keep checking the leg protectors as well – dirt can get stuck to them, which scratches the surface when you drag the furniture. Furthermore, keep all sports cleats off the floor; high heel shoes may cause scratches as well, so put them on by the door to avoid any unwanted mishaps.

Following these simple steps can save you in the long-run. Diligent care and precautions like the furniture guards can prevent scratches and deterioration for many years to come. 

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