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Traditional hardwood floor refinishing methods can raise a significant amount of dust into the air. However, if your floor is in relatively good condition, you can take advantage of a newer process called dustless refinishing. This method produces the same results minus the messy dust clean-up! While not entirely dust-free, dust levels are substantially reduced. The heavier finish dust tends to stay on the floor rather than rise into the air.

How Dustless Refinishing Works

Refinishing begins with the use of a screen attached to a buffering machine in lieu of using sandpaper. When the surface is prepared, a chemical wash is used to etch the surface. Once the old finish is removed, the new finish is applied in layers, buffing between each layer until the natural aesthetics of your floor is fully restored.

If your floor is badly worn and requires more than refinishing, dustless sanding can still keep the dust to a minimum. This process uses traditional floor-sanding equipment connected to a powerful commercial vacuum that sucks the indoor dust and releases it outside the building.

Beneficial for Those With Allergies

When hardwood floor refinishing is done the traditional way, very fine wood and finish particles are suspended in the air. This can irritate the lungs and respiratory system, exacerbating asthma symptoms and causing coughing, sneezing, skin rashes, nose bleeds, headaches, and eye irritation. Dustless refinishing eliminates the majority of dust particles, providing a healthier alternative approach to hardwood floor refinishing.

Less Expensive Than Traditional Refinishing

Dustless hardwood floor refinishing doesn’t require the equipment and time that traditional wood floor refinishing requires and can often be accomplished in a single visit. Discover the process for yourself by contacting Ken’s Custom Floors for more information. Call us at 360-739-4779 for a free onsite quote.

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