Benefits of Dark Hardwood Floorboards Near Whatcom County

dark hardwood flooringDoes your upcoming home renovation include an overhaul of the floors? With respect to hardwood floor installation, you have many colors and shades to select from. Have you considered dark hardwood floorboards? Conventional hues tend to be of a lighter shade. However, darker floors have advantages that homeowners should consider. It just might bring about a whole new and welcome ambiance. 

Sophisticated Aesthetics

Are you aiming for an option that exudes sophistication? If so, dark hardwood may be a wise choice. Lighter tones are great for a cottage and rustic-style charm. However, darker colors evoke luxury and grandeur. They’re especially great for home offices and guest rooms where you really want to awe your visitors.

Larger Room Appearance

One benefit of darker colors is that it has an illusory effect where it makes smaller rooms appear larger. This is because dark hues create more depth, making walls appear farther away than they really are. This makes them terrific for smaller rooms or rooms crowded with bulky furniture and other belongings.

Visual Variance

Another great advantage of dark floors is that their appearance changes under different lighting conditions. This gives the flooring varying characteristics that change throughout the day and between seasons.

Considering Dark Hardwood Floorboards for Your Whatcom County Home?

Do you believe dark hardwood floorboards are the way to go for your upcoming home remodeling project? Contact Ken’s Custom Floors today to schedule an in-house consultation. One of our technicians will assess your home and make recommendations on a flooring style. Alternatively, we also provide floor refinishing if you prefer to restore your existing floor instead of completely replacing it.

Dark Hardwood Floorboards Near Whatcom County

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