How to Avoid Scratching Your Hardwood Floors Near Ferndale

Avoiding Scratching Hardwood Floors

Scratched hardwood floors are unsightly and can blemish the appearance of the home interior as a whole. What can you do to keep your precious floors from getting scratched and scuffed? Here are a few methods to help keep your wooden floors looking pristine.

Never Drag Furniture

Furniture is heavy, but try to refrain from pushing it across the room. The furniture legs will easily scratch the wooden floorboards and leave long-lasting marks. Get help to lift the furniture or place sliders beneath the furniture legs.

Utilize Rugs

A good home strategy is to place a rug over high-traffic areas. A rug provides a barrier that keeps scratches at bay. In addition, a rug will also create a nice focal point and add to the room’s cosmetic appeal.

Use Wheels

One way to avoid hardwood floor refinishing is opting for furniture with wheels instead of legs. This makes it easy to wheel the furniture over if you need to move it across the room. The same goes for chairs. Even though chairs are easily liftable, it’s still helpful to have styles that can be wheeled across.

Trim Pet Nails

If you own a dog or cat, be sure to regularly trim their nails to keep them from scratching the floor. An alternative option is to install a baby gate to keep your furry friend out of rooms with hardwood floors.

Do You Have Scratched Hardwood Floors in Your Ferndale Home?

Scratched hardwood floors can typically be refinished. However, if the scratches are deep and encompass a wide area, it may be time for a complete replacement and hardwood floor installation. Whatever the case, contact Ken’s Custom Floors for assistance. One of our technicians can assess your floors and make a recommendation regarding refinishing and/or installation.

We Refinish Scratched Hardwood Floors Near Ferndale

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