Refinishing Wood Floors in Everson: What Your Flooring Professional Would Like You to Know

refinishing wood floors eversonAs a homeowner considering hardwood floor refinishing, it’s crucial to understand the process and make informed decisions to ensure attractive and long-lasting results. This overview of what goes into refinishing wood floors can help prepare you so there are no surprises.

Are Your Floors Good Candidates for Refinishing?

It’s a great option for resolving minor scratches, stains or dullness. But refinishing may not significantly improve the appearance of heavily damaged or warped floors. Your flooring professional can help you determine which is the best method for getting your floors in peak condition.

Are You Ready to Commit to the Refinishing Process?

Your contractor sands the wood floors to remove the existing finish and blemishes in the wood. Staining, if desired, is step two, and then applying a protective finish is step three. The entire process can take a few days; because of concerns with dust, you may want to relocate while your floors are being treated.

Work with Your Flooring Professional to Choose the Right Finish

Floors are treated with a water- or oil-based finish. While water-based finishes dry faster and have less odor, oil-based finishes may offer greater durability, which can be especially important for high-traffic areas. Your wood flooring professional can help you decide which is best.

Ready to Get an Estimate on Refinishing Wood Floors in Everson?

Ken’s Custom Floors is your local source for professional wood floor services. Our team has years of experience with hardwood floor installation, repair and refinishing. We welcome large and small projects from residential and commercial clients, and we take great pride in our wood floor design work, too. Count on us for all the flooring tips you need to ensure decades of beautiful flooring. Contact us for your complimentary consultation for refinishing wood floors today!

Beautify Your Home in Everson by Refinishing Wood Floors with Expert Help

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