How to Prepare for Wood Floor Refinishing in Bellingham

wood floor refinishing bellinghamWood floor refinishing is a wonderful way to revive your home’s floors, and is far more economical than replacing your flooring. Say goodbye to scratches and dullness that make the wood look worn out–your wood refinishing contractor can bring it back to life. To get the best results from your home improvement project, learn how to prepare for this service to minimize disruption to you and your family’s routine.

Clear the Room

While it makes sense to remove the furniture from the room so the contractor has access to the entire wood floor, you may want to also remove wall hangings and anything on mantels or flat surfaces. Floor refinishing can generate a lot of dust! You don’t want a massive clean-up job to do afterward.

Consider Staying Elsewhere Overnight

The process of refinishing a floor generates a lot of noise, dust and strong odors. If you or your family may be bothered by the sanding and varnish because of sensitivities, it may be wise to find an alternate place to stay until your floors are complete. 

Be Prepared for the Process to Take a Few Days

Even though the actual floor refinishing work doesn’t take a long time, the varnish needs time to harden fully before it can effectively stand up to normal wear and tear. You can expect to have to keep shoes off the floors for two days, and wait four days before moving your furniture back into the room.

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