Are Light-Colored Hardwood Floors Right for Your Sudden Valley Home?

light colored hardwood floorsAre you installing new hardwood floors? With this selection also comes a number of other considerations, such as color. One trend among Sudden Valley homeowners is the installation of light-colored hardwood floors. Is this a good style for your home, and what kind of visual appeal does this add?

Gives the Illusion of More Space

A huge benefit of lighter floor colors is that it makes the space appear more spacious than it really is. This makes lighter colors a good option for smaller rooms. The illusory effect is amplified if the room has large windows to let in ample sunlight. 

Shows Less Dirt

Hardwood floor cleaning can be problematic. This is due to dirt and other debris sticking out like a sore thumb. However, with a lighter color, the dirt is not as noticeable. Dirt tends to blend in more with lighter shades, whereas dirt is more pronounced in darker wood colors. 

Shows Fewer Scratches

Just as light-colored hardwood floors show less dirt, they also show fewer scratches. Even if the scratches are visible, they tend to blend with the wood’s natural grain texture. Even if you do find the scratches hard on the eyes, you can always refinish the hardwood floors to smooth out the blemishes. 

Interested in Light-Colored Hardwood Floors for Your Sudden Valley Home?

Are you set on the idea of light-colored hardwood floors for your Sudden Valley residence? If you’re ready for a flooring renovation, contact the pros at Ken’s Custom Floors today. We have years of industry experience providing insightful flooring tips to countless homeowners in the region. Our contractors will consult you on the color and grain options available.

Light-Colored Hardwood Floors Near Sudden Valley

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