Benefits of Engineered Hardwood Flooring in Ferndale

Engineered Hardwood FlooringNeed new flooring installation? If you’re contemplating a hardwood floor installation, always do careful research to determine the different floor styles and their respective pros and cons. One consideration is engineered hardwood flooring, which has gained a lot of traction in recent years. Find out what the benefits are and why they’re a worthy consideration for your residence.

Resistance Against Moisture

A common problem you’ll encounter with hardwood floors is that they’re prone to the effects of lingering water. Engineered hardwood is actually made from real wood. However, the panels consist of multiple layers, with the upper layers providing a buffer or shield against water penetration. With this in mind, engineered wood is great for areas prone to moisture, such as the kitchen and basement.

Greater Stability

Any hardwood flooring specialist will affirm that floor stability is majorly important. Kitchen and living room floors receive a ton of traffic, making them less stable and begin to warp and misshapen over time. Since engineered flooring is built in layers, there is increased stability, making it especially durable.

Less Maintenance

As mentioned, engineered hardwood flooring is not as prone to water damage. This also makes it less likely to swell and contract, which can cause the floorboards to lose their structural integrity. For homeowners, they can breathe a sigh of relief as they don’t have to scramble to wipe away spills or water buildup.

Contemplating Engineered Hardwood Flooring in Ferndale?

Are you considering engineered hardwood flooring for your house? With its plethora of advantages, engineered hardwood might be precisely what you’re searching for. Talk about your flooring plans with Ken’s Custom Floors today. Let us assist you in finding the right flooring type for your personal needs. All phone inquiries come with a free estimate.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring Installation in Ferndale

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