Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips in Anacortes

Tips for Cleaning Hardwood FloorsAfter your hardwood floor installation, you’ll need to learn the right way of maintaining the new floor. While cleaning hardwood is certainly different than cleaning other floor types, the process isn’t as complex as one might believe. In fact, keeping hardwood surfaces looking pristine doesn’t require 24/7 care. Here are some easy-to-follow tips for cleaning hardwood floors.

Regularly Vacuum Your Hardwood Floor

Just because the hardwood floor looks clean doesn’t mean it actually is. The dirt on your footwear gradually scratches at the surface, eroding the protective coating. With weekly vacuuming, you can keep the dirt to a minimum and keep it from scratching up the surface. Just be sure to refrain from using the vacuum’s rotating brush since the bristles can also scratch the hardwood floor.

Wipe Up Liquid Spills Right Away

Water is bad for the floor. Liquids allowed to pool for prolonged periods will damage the floor’s finish and harm the wood beneath. Be sure to wipe away spills ASAP. If you use cleaners, be sure to dry the liquid solution and don’t allow any residues to linger.

Use Approved Cleaning Products

Be mindful of the cleaning liquids you use, especially when mopping. Refrain from products that contain ammonia, alkaline, and abrasive chemicals. Using such cleaning solutions will dissolve the finish. Within a few years, you’ll need to refinish your hardwood floors. Aim for cleaners that indicate on the label that it’s hardwood-safe.

Commit to These Tips for Cleaning Hardwood Floors in Seattle

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Tips for Cleaning Hardwood Floors in Seattle

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