Common Damage That Requires Hardwood Floor Repair in Blaine

ken's custom floorsAt last, you got those stunning hardwood floors you’ve long wanted for your home. Now that you have them, you want to keep them looking pristine for years to come. While hardwood panels hold up better to wear and tear than other materials, there are some common signs of damage you need to keep an eye out for. Getting hardwood floor repair done as soon as you recognize issues can save you money and extend the floor’s longevity.

Hardwood Floor Damage #1 – Normal Wear

It’s expected for hardwood floors to show signs of wear over time, stemming from daily traffic. As a result, stains and finishes slowly erode away and require re-application.

Hardwood Floor Damage #2 – Scratches

Whether they’re due to dirt-encrusted shoes, pet claws, moving furniture, or something heavy dropping on the floor, the reality is that scratches are bound to occur. Depending on how deep they are, you may need to contact a hardwood flooring specialist for scratch and dent removal.

Hardwood Floor Damage #3 – Cracked Wood

Over time, you may see cracks and splinters form in the planks. While you can secure these spots so further damage doesn’t occur, you’ll need to have the floors refinished.

Hardwood Floor Damage #4 – Gaps Between Planks

You may notice small gaps gradually form between wood planks. This occurs when the wood expands as it collects moisture and shrinks when it dries, causing slight changes in size over time. A professional can perform the needed hardwood floor repairs when this happens.

Hardwood Floor Damage #5 – Buckling Boards

Buckling occurs when the boards begin to lift away from the subfloor underneath. This happens for multiple reasons, so you’ll want to get a professional to assess the problem before replacing the boards and preventing future occurrences. 

Professional Hardwood Floor Maintenance in Blaine

Do you require hardwood floor repair because of wear and tear? Ken’s Custom Floors provides a number of services for restoring your hardwood floors to their original pristine condition. To learn more and get a free estimate, call us at (360) 775-2134 today!

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