5 Tips for Caring for Hardwood Floors in Lummi Island

kens-3-16Have you been pondering about installing hardwood floors in your home but are concerned about the upkeep? That’s totally understandable. Of course, you want to care for your home and keep it looking pristine, especially after investing in new hardwood floors. As you know, floors can wear out, but hardwood floor care isn’t as hard as you might believe. Here are five tips to help you keep your floors looking new for years to come!

Hardwood Floor Tip 1: Use the Right Materials

Knowing which cleaning items are safe for your floors is vital. Carefully select items that are formulated for hardwood floors. Opt for soft-bristled brooms, microfiber pads, and vacuums with wand and brush attachments.

Hardwood Floor Tip 2: Use the Right Cleaners

Similarly, you want to select products safe for your floors. Good options include pH-neutral products that are non-toxic and biodegradable. Never wash your floors with vinegar and soap, even when diluted with water.

Hardwood Floor Tip 3: Get High-Quality Curtains

This may seem odd, but it’s very relevant. UV rays can damage hardwood floors, causing them to fade over time. Installing protective window treatments can counteract this issue.

Hardwood Floor Tip 4: Trim Your Pet’s Nails

If you have a family dog or cat, make sure you keep its nails trimmed periodically. This will help prevent scratching and minimize the amount of dirt that clings to your pet’s paws and, ultimately, help you avoid hardwood flooring repairs.

Hardwood Floor Tip 5: Set a Cleaning Routine

This is perhaps the most vital tip for maintaining your hardwood floors. Make a daily, weekly, and monthly care plan. For instance, sweeping daily, mopping weekly, and polishing monthly (or every few months). Setting aside several minutes every day to follow through with the schedule will keep your floors looking brand new!

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