Benefits of Citrus Cleaners for Your Hardwood Floors in Blaine

hardwood citrus cleanersIf your home in Blaine, Washington, has beautiful hardwood floors, make sure you take proper care of them. Using harsh chemical cleaners can damage your hardwood floors, causing the need for professional hardwood floor refinishing or replacement. Keep these benefits of using citrus based cleaners in mind when preparing for hardwood floor maintenance in Blaine.

Natural Ingredients

If you have pets or children, harsh chemicals should be avoided whenever possible. Citrus cleaners are made using natural elements, such as lemons, oranges, limes, and grapefruits. They’re safer for use around your home and on your hardwood floors. Citrus cleaners also produce a wonderful, fresh scent.

Grease Cutting Power

Citrus is widely known for its grease cutting ability. Grease and other difficult to clean substances are no match for citrus cleaners. Not only will they clean sticky debris off your hardwood floors, they’re also known to have sanitizing properties that can kill harmful bacteria and pathogens.

Finish Protection

Oils found in citrus fruits will coat your hardwood floor with a layer of protection. While this coating won’t leave a noticeable residue, it will add a beautiful sheen to your hardwood floor. Hardwood flooring specialists often recommend citrus based cleaners for everyday use before professional refinishing services are necessary.

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