Choosing Wall Colors to Match Cherry Hardwood Floors in Blaine

hardwood floor wall colorsDo you want, or currently have, cherry hardwood floors in your home in Blaine, Washington? If so, you may be wondering which colors to select for your walls. There are actually several workable options. Keep these tips in mind as you consider your color options and then contact a hardwood flooring specialist for professional flooring assistance.

Stick with Classic White

When it comes to matching cherry hardwood floors, you can’t go wrong with classic white. This color selection will contrast your floors perfectly, creating a beautifully balanced aesthetic for your room.

Go Green!

If white isn’t your style, green is a great alternative. When paired with cherry hardwood floors, this color combination can be breathtaking. Consider sage or an olive, because these natural tones complement cherry very well. Continue Reading →

Benefits of Citrus Cleaners for Your Hardwood Floors in Blaine

hardwood citrus cleanersIf your home in Blaine, Washington, has beautiful hardwood floors, make sure you take proper care of them. Using harsh chemical cleaners can damage your hardwood floors, causing the need for professional hardwood floor refinishing or replacement. Keep these benefits of using citrus based cleaners in mind when preparing for hardwood floor maintenance in Blaine.

Natural Ingredients

If you have pets or children, harsh chemicals should be avoided whenever possible. Citrus cleaners are made using natural elements, such as lemons, oranges, limes, and grapefruits. They’re safer for use around your home and on your hardwood floors. Citrus cleaners also produce a wonderful, fresh scent.

Grease Cutting Power

Citrus is widely known for its grease cutting ability. Grease and other difficult to clean substances are no match for citrus cleaners. Not only will they clean sticky debris off your hardwood floors, they’re also known to have sanitizing properties that can kill harmful bacteria and pathogens. Continue Reading →

Common Hardwood Flooring Repairs in Bellingham

hardwood flooring repairDo you need hardwood flooring repair in Bellingham, Washington? Hardwood floors are susceptible to a number of different kinds of damage. Each requires the attention of a professional flooring specialist and should, under no circumstance, be left unattended. Ignoring damage to your hardwood floors for too long can result in the need for a new hardwood flooring installation. Look for these common issues and call for hardwood flooring repair in Bellingham right away if they develop.

Slits or Cracks

Small splits and cracks naturally develop over time. Fortunately, hardwood flooring repair for this type of damage is relatively simple. Your hardwood flooring specialist should be able to use nails and wood putty to solve the problem. In some cases, hardwood floor refinishing may also be necessary. Continue Reading →

Tips for Hardwood Floor Refinishing Success

floor-refinishingAre your home’s hardwood floors hidden by years of wear and tear? Bring them back to their originally glory with hardwood floor refinishing. In some cases, refinishing your floors is a better option than new hardwood flooring installation. If you’re unsure which option is best for your particular situation, schedule a consultation with a professional hardwood flooring specialist. If he or she recommends refinishing your floors, there are several aspects of the process you should understand. Acting on this knowledge will guarantee a successful hardwood floor refinishing experience.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Is the Final Task

Are you planning for hardwood floor refinishing as part of a larger home remodeling project? If so, it’s a good idea to wait until the other work is completed. Doing this ensures that your floors will not be accidentally damaged during the process.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Is Dusty

Hardwood floor refinishing takes several days to complete and the room will need to be entirely empty. It’s also a good idea to cover items in other rooms to protect them from the resulting dust. Placing rugs at room entrances is, however, recommended. Continue Reading →

Paint Color Strategies for Light Colored Hardwood Floors

hardwood floorsAre you considering installing light colored hardwood floors in your home? Lighter woods make a stunning addition to any project, but it’s important to consider other design factors before finalizing plans with your hardwood flooring specialist. There are several light colored hardwood floor options, as well as stains and sealants. If you’re trying to pick the right hardwood floors for your house, spend time thinking about the overall aesthetic you want to achieve. While floors are a prominent feature of any room, another aspect to remember is the wall color. To ensure you’re satisfied with your hardwood flooring installation, here are three color strategies to keep in mind. Continue Reading →

Pros and Cons of Mismatched Hardwood Flooring Throughout Your Home

mismatched hardwood flooringAre you installing hardwood floors in your home but can’t decide which materials and stains you like best? Or maybe you’ve recently purchased a new house that has preexisting mismatched hardwood flooring? Is this kind of design plan acceptable? This greatly depends on your personal preferences and on the intended use of your home. Whether you’re planning for hardwood floor installation or not, it’s worth speaking with a hardwood flooring specialist about your potential project. To help make the decision easier, here are several pros and cons to using mismatched hardwood flooring in your home.


One of the most obvious positive aspects to having mismatched hardwood flooring is that you have more design freedom. You can tailor each room to suit your specific desires.

Further, if the home in question already has mismatched hardwood flooring that is still in good condition, changing it now can be a great expense. While it would provide more flow throughout your house, only you can determine if the end result is worth the investment of refinishing hardwood floors. Continue Reading →

Are Light Colored Hardwood Floors Right for Your Home?

light colored hardwood floorsPicking the right color of hardwood flooring for your home can be a difficult task. To ensure you make the right decision, you should dedicate some time to weighing your options before scheduling your hardwood floor installation. While your hardwood flooring specialist can assist you with the selection process, you should do some research on your own as well. To help you pick the best option for your home, here are several benefits of light colored hardwood floors to consider.

Gives the Illusion of More Space

One of the biggest benefits of choosing light colored hardwood floors is that they make your space look larger. It’s an illusion, of course, but the difference can be striking. This is especially true for rooms with lots of natural light.

Shows Less Dirt

Cleaning hardwood floors is always a concern for homeowners. Luckily, light colored hardwood flooring tends to show far less dirt than darker tones. While you’ll still need to clean regularly, dirt will be far less noticeable when it’s there. Continue Reading →

What You Need to Know About Refinishing Hardwood Floors

refinishing hardwood floorsHave you been thinking about refinishing hardwood floors in your home? As a general rule, most hardwood starts showing signs of age after about 20 years, but some hardwood floor installations will need to be repaired, refinished, or replaced before that. If you’ve never refinished your hardwood floors before, the task can seems a bit daunting. There are, after all, several important elements to consider before scheduling the project with your hardwood flooring specialist. Here are four considerations to keep in mind when it comes time to refinish the hardwood floors in your home.

Refinishing Hardwood Floors is NOT a Good DIY Project

If you’re handy, you might be wondering if you can make refinishing the hardwood floors your next big project. This is not advisable. Working with hardwood flooring can get complicated quickly. Furthermore, proceeding without the right tools will only result in more expense than necessary. Ultimately, hiring a flooring contractor for the job will save you time, money, and stress. Continue Reading →

How to Pick the Right Hardwood Floor Color

hardwood floor colorDid you know that hardwood flooring comes in a large variety of colors? From light to dark wood and everything in between, there have never been more options to choose from. This is great news for homeowners interested in hardwood flooring installation. A variety of color allows you to select a color that fits your personal style. A hardwood flooring specialist will be able to offer advice regarding which options will be best for you. But for now, here are several great tips to keep in mind as you choose the right hardwood floor color.

Consider All the Factors

Before making your final hardwood floor color decision, consider your room size, ceiling height, wall color, and wall texture. It’s easy enough to repaint, but your floor should match your space. Continue Reading →

Benefits of Dark Hardwood Flooring

dark hardwood flooringDeciding on your hardwood floor installation color can be a difficult task. There are, after all, a number of great options to choose from. It’s possible to refinish your floors in the future if the color isn’t what you expected. But the process is expensive and time-consuming. It’s much better to select the right floor color in the beginning. Make sure you spend time researching all of your color options before speaking with a hardwood flooring specialist. To help you make a more informed decision, here are several benefits of installing dark hardwood flooring in your home.

Sophisticated Aesthetic

Are you looking for a hardwood flooring option that adds an element of sophistication to your home? If so, dark hardwood flooring is for you! Lighter-toned floors often create a rustic ambience. However, darker hardwood floors are far more contemporary.

Larger Room Appearance

Many homeowners often assume that dark hardwood flooring will make their space look smaller. Interestingly, the opposite is true. Darker flooring generates more depth in your room which, in turn, makes the walls look farther apart from each other. Continue Reading →