Common Hardwood Flooring Repairs in Bellingham

hardwood flooring repairDo you need hardwood flooring repair in Bellingham, Washington? Hardwood floors are susceptible to a number of different kinds of damage. Each requires the attention of a professional flooring specialist and should, under no circumstance, be left unattended. Ignoring damage to your hardwood floors for too long can result in the need for a new hardwood flooring installation. Look for these common issues and call for hardwood flooring repair in Bellingham right away if they develop.

Slits or Cracks

Small splits and cracks naturally develop over time. Fortunately, hardwood flooring repair for this type of damage is relatively simple. Your hardwood flooring specialist should be able to use nails and wood putty to solve the problem. In some cases, hardwood floor refinishing may also be necessary.

Gaps Between Boards

Gaps between your boards may not actually require hardwood flooring repair in Bellingham. As the humidity changes, your planks will adjust slightly in size. As long as the space between your boards is less than the width of a dime, it’s probably not an issue.


This is another common problem that will require hardwood flooring repair in Bellingham. When boards warp, they lift up from the subflooring beneath. Your flooring specialist will need to identify the cause of this problem before reattaching the planks.

Need Hardwood Flooring Repair in Bellingham?

Do you need hardwood flooring repair in Bellingham? Whether the damage to your hardwood floors is minor or more extreme, it’s important to have a professional assess it as soon as possible. He will be able to recommend the best course of action moving forward. For expect advice and quality service, contact Ken’s Custom Floors in Bellingham. Our highly-trained and experienced flooring contractors have the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to complete any project, big or small. Visit our website for more information about our company or to request a free in-home estimate online. You can also call us directly at (360) 347–2795 to speak with a specialist about your needed hardwood flooring repairs in Bellingham today.

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